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  • Deutsche Philologie
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  • Klassische Philologie
  • Lateinische Philologie des Mittelalters und der Neuzeit
  • Romanische Philologie
  • Slavische Philologie
  • Sprachwissenschaftliches Seminar
  • Asien und Afrika - Die Orientwissenschaftlichen Fächer
  • Ägyptologie und Koptologie
  • Altorientalistik
  • Arabistik/Islamwissenschaft
  • Finnisch-Ugrisches Seminar
  • Indologie und Tibetologie
  • Iranistik
  • Ostasiatisches Seminar
  • Skandinavisches Seminar
  • Turkologie und Zentralasienkunde

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  • Lorenz, Björn (2020-08-07)
    German dime novels (in German: Romanhefte) are a rare opportunity for scholars of German literature, to study their serial narrative forms and variants. In the past the German research only focused on the didactically and ...
  • Löher, Carolin (2020-03-09)
    In 1986, the first House of Literature (Literaturhaus) opened in Berlin, a literary mediation actor with a year-round offer and a permanent location. Further foundations followed in other cities – from 2005 also in ...
  • Pavlovic, Anna-Christina (2020-01-06)
    This dissertation addresses the interpretation of it-clefts in German, as well as that of the related focus structure of Hungarian pre-verbal focus, and presents novel answers to several research gaps. It-clefts are ...
  • Michelbach, Elisabeth (2020-01-03)
    As poetics of the blog this study combines a theoretical approach (Poetologie) with different showcases of autobiographical writing in blogs (Schreibweisen). Poetologie focuses initially on the medium of the blog, which ...
  • Ingelmann, Julian (2019-12-19)
    In the age of digitalization, numerous actors take part in the literary field that previously only played a role as a “quiet consumer”. Many of them organize themselves in writing forums, where they publish their texts and ...