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Die Sammlung enthält Arbeiten aus den Bereichen

  • Deutsche Philologie
  • Englische Philologie
  • Klassische Philologie
  • Lateinische Philologie des Mittelalters und der Neuzeit
  • Romanische Philologie
  • Slavische Philologie
  • Sprachwissenschaftliches Seminar
  • Asien und Afrika - Die Orientwissenschaftlichen Fächer
  • Ägyptologie und Koptologie
  • Altorientalistik
  • Arabistik/Islamwissenschaft
  • Finnisch-Ugrisches Seminar
  • Indologie und Tibetologie
  • Iranistik
  • Ostasiatisches Seminar
  • Skandinavisches Seminar
  • Turkologie und Zentralasienkunde

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  • Stamatopoulos, Konstantinos (2018-11-30)
    This dissertation discusses magic and the persons who practise witchcraft from an intertextual perspective and concentrates primarily on literary depictions of witches and magic. The two underlying questions which constantly ...
  • Rößler, Stefanie (2018-11-14)
    Pronominal references to the first constituent of compounds are usually considered unacceptable and the first constituents are therefore described as inaccessible. This thesis argues for a scale for acceptability and ...
  • Böhnisch (geb. Kapustina), Genia (2018-10-08)
    The following dissertation deals with issues concerning interaction and interpretation in russian forum threads and compares the findings with results and assumptions made for oral communication. Important questions are : ...
  • Bailey, Denise (2018-10-01)
    This study is a detailed grammatical description of the Gūrānī language as used in the village of Gawraǰū, located near the town of Gahvāre in the province of Kermānšāh, Iran. Gūrānī is genetically classified as a North-West ...
  • Ella, Jan-Erik (2018-09-05)
    This dissertation analyses how neo-Victorian fiction seizes upon 19th century taboo topics such as sexuality or gender. By examining key texts ranging from novellas to graphic novels and applying Julia Kristeva's concept ...