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Karl Arnold (1883-1953). Eine Studie zur Biographie und zum Frühwerk des Künstlers.

Mit einem Verzeichnis seiner Zeichnungen bis 1918

dc.contributor.advisorArndt, Karl Prof.
dc.contributor.authorMatuszak, Thomasde
dc.format.mimetypeContentType:application/pdf Size:6617de
dc.titleKarl Arnold (1883-1953). Eine Studie zur Biographie und zum Frühwerk des Kü
dc.title.alternativeMit einem Verzeichnis seiner Zeichnungen bis 1918de
dc.title.translatedKarl Arnold (1883-1953). A study of the biography and the early work of the
dc.contributor.refereeMiddeldorf, Antje Prof.
dc.subject.dnb700 Künste, Bildende Kunst allgemeinde
dc.description.abstractengThe thesis on the graphic artist Karl Arnold (1883-1953) is divided into three parts. The first part is a biography on his life and work, based on a thorough investigation of archive material (diaries, letters, literature). The second part is dealing with the artistic development of the artist between 1900 and 1918/19 - from his studies at the Art Academy in Munich till the end of World War I. In 1907 Arnold became a regular contributor as a caricaturist of the famous German weekly "Simplicissimus", a periodical satirical magazine. In a serie of a number of selected drawings the author examines the works of art from a formal point of view as well as from the analysis of the content and proves the artist's ability to achieve an unmistakable style of his own at the end of the First World War. This style is maintained by the artist during the twenties. Finally the last chapter contains a catalogue raisonné of all the drawings (published und unpublished) known to the author covering the years from 1907 to
dc.contributor.coRefereeDöhl, Hartmut Prof.
dc.title.alternativeTranslatedWith a catalogue raisonné of his drawings from 1907 to 1918de
dc.subject.engKarl Arnoldde
dc.subject.enggraphic artistde
dc.subject.bk20.07 Kunstkritikde
dc.affiliation.institutePhilosophische Fakultätde

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