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X-ray magnetic circular dichroism in iron/rare-earth multilayers and the impact of modifications of the rare earth's electronic structure

dc.contributor.advisorFelsch, Wolfgang Prof.
dc.contributor.authorMünzenberg, Markusde
dc.titleX-ray magnetic circular dichroism in iron/rare-earth multilayers and the impact of modifications of the rare earth's electronic structurede
dc.title.translatedMagnetischer Röntgendichroismus in Eisen/Seltene Erd-Vielfachschichten und der Einfluß von Veränderungen der elektronischen Struktur der Seltenen Erdede
dc.contributor.refereeFelsch, Wolfgang Prof.
dc.subject.dnb530 Physikde
dc.description.abstractengThis work illuminates the possibilities of circular magnetic dichroism in X-ray absorption (XMCD) for the studies of ordered magnetism. The element and electron-shell sensitivity of this spectroscopic method is used to study the magnetic properties of multilayer systems with Fe and Ce, La and Gd as the main constituents. The XMCD spectra at the rare earth (RE) L2,3 edges are analyzed in a phenomenological two-parameter model. It explains the observed shapes of the dichroic signals qualitatively. The first part of the thesis is concerned with the systems Fe/REHx . The main interest is to probe the impact of the metal-to-insulator transition in the REHx sublayers on the spectra. It is produced by increasing the hydrogen content. The second part is devoted to the multilayer system Fe/Ce1-xSix. X-ray absorption spectra at the Ce L and M edges reveal that the degree of localization of the Ce-4f states increases with increasing concentration of the s-p element Si, but the electronic configuration of Ce remains a -phase like. The element selectivity of XMCD is also used to investigate the role of the interfaces in Fe/Ce multilayers in the process of magnetization reversal in an applied magnetic field in the last
dc.contributor.coRefereeSchaaf, Peter PD
dc.subject.topicMathematics and Computer Sciencede
dc.subject.gerMagnetische Vielfachschichtende
dc.subject.germagnetischer Röntgendichroismusde
dc.subject.gerMetall-Isolator Übergangde
dc.subject.germagnetische Grenzflächende
dc.subject.engMagnetic multilayersde
dc.subject.engX-ray magnetic circular dichroismde
dc.subject.engmetal-to-insulator transitionde
dc.subject.enginterfacial magnetismde
dc.subject.bk33.07 Spektroskopiede
dc.subject.bk33.68 Oberflächende
dc.subject.bkDünne Schichtende
dc.subject.bk33.75 Magnetische Materialiende
dc.affiliation.instituteFakultät für Physikde
dc.subject.gokfullRVC 860 Elektrische und magnetische Eigenschaften (Elektrische Leitungsphänomene s. RNC)de
dc.subject.gokfullRRJ 000 Emissions-de
dc.subject.gokfullRRP 000 Mössbauer-Spektroskopiede

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