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DeNoPa Kassel: Die prospektive Langzeit-Follow-up-Studie zu Biomarkern und nicht-motorischen Symptomen bei Morbus Parkinson - Pilotstudie baseline

dc.contributor.advisorMollenhauer, Brit Prof.
dc.contributor.authorWerner, Stefaniede
dc.titleDeNoPa Kassel: Die prospektive Langzeit-Follow-up-Studie zu Biomarkern und nicht-motorischen Symptomen bei Morbus Parkinson - Pilotstudie baselinede
dc.title.translatedDeNoPa Kassel: The prospective long-term follow-up study on biomarkers and non-motor symptoms for Parkinson's disease - pilot study baselinede
dc.contributor.refereeMollenhauer, Brit Prof.
dc.subject.dnb610 Medizin, Gesundheitde
dc.subject.gokMED 532de
dc.description.abstractengTo date there are no accepted and sufficient validated biomarkers for Parkinson's disease (PD). Diagnosis is exclusively based on motor symptoms and the response on dopaminergic medication. Misdiagnoses are common especially in early stages of disease. In view of future neuroprotective therapy early diagnosis or if possible the identification of individuals at risk in presymptomatic stages is very desirable. The present pilot study of the DeNoPa („De-Novo Parkinson“) study deals with non motor symptoms in de-novo PD as well as with potential diagnostic biomarkers and the feasibility of the main study. For this purpose the baseline data of the participants recruited in the first seven month of the study (30 patients plus 10 healthy controls) have been evaluated. The analysis on feasibility of DeNoPa study showed that the targeted recruitment numbers are realistically achievable. Also the implementation of the planned investigations proved feasible. The pilot study showed that non-motor symptoms play an important role already at the onset of the disease: Screening with Non-Motor Symptoms Questionnaire and Scale resulted in a significant difference between patients and controls. In addition we could detect a significant influence of the disease on quality of life in patients by using Parkinson's Disease Questionnaire. Olfactory testing with “sniffin' sticksde
dc.contributor.coRefereeSommer, Martin Prof.
dc.subject.gerM. Parkinson; Biomarker; nicht-motorische Symptome; Frühdiagnose; DeNoPa-Studie; Riechtest; REM-Schlaf-Verhaltensstörung; Hirnparenchymsonographiede
dc.subject.engParkinson's disease; biomarkers; non-motor symptoms; early diagnosis; DeNoPa study; olfactory testing; REM-sleep behavior disorder; trancranial sonographyde
dc.affiliation.instituteMedizinische Fakultätde

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