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Dimensional Sandstones: Weathering Phenomena, Technical Properties and Numerical Modeling of Water Migration

dc.contributor.advisorSiegesmund, Siegfried Prof.
dc.contributor.authorStück, Heidrun Louisede
dc.titleDimensional Sandstones: Weathering Phenomena, Technical Properties and Numerical Modeling of Water Migrationde
dc.contributor.refereeSiegesmund, Siegfried Prof.
dc.description.abstractengThis here presented thesis is focused on the systematically evaluation of the durability of natural sandstones by the detailed characterization of their petrographical, petrophysical, deterioration and weathering properties. The thesis presents a new combined approach for the detailed analyses at sandstones by onsite studies (deterioration phenomena and weathering behavior), in laboratory (measurement and determination of petrophysical and petrographical properties), by statistical considerations (i.e. establish correlations between petrography, petrophysical and weathering properties) and by numerical modeling (evaluation of water transport and water storage in dependence to pore space). Additionally, special emphasis is set on the influence and relationships of fabric, diagenetic path and pore space properties on the material and weathering behavior of sandstones. Statistical methods were applied to a large dataset of more than ~300 sandstones and comprise among others wisker data distributions plots, linear regression with confidence regions for the petrophysical and weathering properties of the sandstones. Based on the results of on-site studies, laboratory experiments and statistical analyses, i.e. principal component- and cluster analyses was possible to identify similarities in the material properties and weathering behavior of individual sandstones. This was used to define groups of specific sandstones types by establishing relationships between the composition, depositional environment, stratigraphic association and diagenetic pathway. This allows us to compile a sandstone quality catalogue. In order to evaluate the moisture distribution and moisture transport as well as to evaluate their effect on the weathering and deterioration behavior, numerical modeling for each of the defined pore radii type was performed based on detailed, sandstone specific material functions. Modeling results confirm our observations from on-site studies and statistical analyses and prove the established relationships between compositional, depositional, stratigraphical and diagenetic aspects and the material properties. For example, it can be proved that the pore radii distribution is one of the main variables governing both material and weathering properties of sandstones by its large impact on e.g. water absorption, salt loading and hygric dilatation
dc.contributor.coRefereeKoch, Roman Prof.
dc.subject.engConstruction Suitabilityde
dc.subject.engPore Spacede
dc.subject.engStatistical Analysesde
dc.subject.engNumerical Modelingde
dc.subject.engPetrophysical Propertiesde
dc.affiliation.instituteFakultät für Geowissenschaften und Geographiede
dc.subject.gokfullGeologische Wissenschaften (PPN62504584X)de

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