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Amplituden- und phasenaufgelöste Polariton-Pulspropagation in GaAs bei niedrigen und mittleren Elektron-Loch-Plasmadichten

dc.contributor.advisorUlbrich, Rainer G. Prof.
dc.contributor.authorNägerl, Joelde
dc.titleAmplituden- und phasenaufgelöste Polariton-Pulspropagation in GaAs bei niedrigen und mittleren Elektron-Loch-Plasmadichtende
dc.contributor.refereeRonneberger, Dirk Prof.
dc.subject.gokHalbleiter {Physik} (PPN621341150)de
dc.description.abstractengHigh resolution amplitude and phase measurements with interferometric crosscorrelation are reported on polariton pulse progapation through ultrapure Galliumarsenide. The measurement technique and various pump and probe experiments are described. Aperiodic propagation beats in the amplitude are observed that are typical of polariton pulse progapation. In the framework of an effective Lorentizian oscillaotr model a sublinear dependence in the effective damping rate is measured with increasing laser pulse fluence. A characteristic behaviour of the phase of the transmitted field is found. While for low excitation (<10 13pairs/cm3) phase shifts jump at the single beat minima by + Pi, with increasing excitation these jumps flip from + Pi to - Pi. A simple one-oscillator model for the dielectric function fails to describe the nonlinear effect, which is connected with the asymmetry of the excitonic

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