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Beeinflussung des Wachstums von Metall auf Polymer durch die gepulste Laserdeposition

dc.contributor.advisorKrebs, Hans-Ulrich Prof. Dr.
dc.contributor.authorSchlenkrich, Felix
dc.titleBeeinflussung des Wachstums von Metall auf Polymer durch die gepulste Laserdepositionde
dc.title.translatedInfluence of metal growth on polymers by pulsed laser depositionde
dc.contributor.refereeKrebs, Hans-Ulrich Prof. Dr.
dc.subject.gokPhysik (PPN621336750)de
dc.description.abstractengNowadays, fabrication of embedded metal particles in dielectric matrices plays an important role for technical devices, e.g. data storage, sensors or enhancement of efficiency of solar cells. In this work, metal nanoparticles were embedded in polymers by pulsed laser deposition. Here, two important aspects are crucial in the deposition process of metal/polymer systems. First, laser ablation of polymers induces chemically modified polymers and, secondly, the high kinetic energy of metal ions (100 eV) causes implantation processes in the polymer. Both aspects drastically change morphology and kinetics of metal growth in polymers, which is studied by electron microscopy, in-situ resistance measurements and x-ray diffraction. In case of studying the growth morphology the question comes up, whether distinction of growth stages (nucleation and growth of clusters, coalescence, percolation and closed films) can be controlled by the number of laser pulses. On the other hand the effect on growth kinetics due to polymer modification is studied. Finally, it is studied if laser deposited metal/polymer systems are suited for sensor
dc.contributor.coRefereeSamwer, Konrad Prof. Dr.
dc.subject.gerMetallcluster in Polymerde
dc.subject.gerKeimbildung und Wachstumde
dc.subject.gerMetalldiffusion in Polymerde
dc.subject.gerSchwellen von Polymerde
dc.subject.gerGepulste Laserdepositionde
dc.subject.engmetal cluster in polymerde
dc.subject.engnucleation and growthde
dc.subject.engmetal diffusion in polymerde
dc.subject.engpolymer swellingde
dc.subject.engpulsed laser depositionde
dc.subject.engion implantationde
dc.affiliation.instituteFakultät für Physikde

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