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Auswirkung der vertikalen Ganzkörpervibration unterschiedlicher Frequenzen auf die Muskulatur im osteoporotischen Rattenmodell

dc.contributor.advisorSehmisch, Stephan PD Dr.
dc.contributor.authorAmmon, Jan-Christoph
dc.titleAuswirkung der vertikalen Ganzkörpervibration unterschiedlicher Frequenzen auf die Muskulatur im osteoporotischen Rattenmodellde
dc.title.translatedEffect of vertical whole body vibration with different frequencies on muscle tissue in ovariectomized ratsde
dc.contributor.refereeWuttke, Wolfgang Prof. Dr.
dc.description.abstractengSarcopenia and osteoporosis are closely associated due to the influence of muscle on bone tissue. Various whole body vibration (WBV) therapy regimens are used for muscle and bone improvement. To identify the effect of different WBV frequencies on muscle, ovariectomized (OVX) rats underwent vertical WBV for 30 days, 15 minutes per day. For this, the rats were divided into six groups according to their treatment regimen: non-OVX group without vibration, OVX group without vibration, and four OVX groups of rats which were treated with different frequencies of WBV (OVX + 35 Hz, OVX + 50 Hz, OVX + 70 Hz, OVX + 90 Hz). For enzyme histochemistry, the gastrocnemius, the longissimus and the soleus muscle of each rat were collected. In the muscles, capillary density and cross sectional areas were analyzed and correlated to the vibration frequency. The results showed no significant increase in capillary density for the four WBV frequencies. The comparison of the different muscles and frequencies indicated a minimum, yet inhomogeneously spread proliferation of the capillary density. Muscle cross sectional areas of the OVX + 35 Hz and OVX + 70 Hz group showed a slight increase without statistically significant differences. Current data on WBV in rat and mouse models assume that lower vibration frequencies might be favorable for muscle and bone improvement. However, further investigations are required, to identify the appropriate WBV regimen for prophylaxis and therapy of sarcopenia and
dc.contributor.coRefereeSchön, Margarete Prof. Dr.
dc.subject.gerovariektomierte Rattende
dc.subject.engwhole body vibrationde
dc.subject.engovariectomized ratsde
dc.affiliation.instituteMedizinische Fakultätde
dc.subject.gokfullOrthopädie (PPN619876204)de

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