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MMSE-Präprogressionsrate als potentieller Prädikator des kognitiven und funktionellen Progresses der Alzheimer-Demenz

dc.contributor.advisorSchmidt, Christian Dr.
dc.contributor.authorGherib, Kerim
dc.titleMMSE-Präprogressionsrate als potentieller Prädikator des kognitiven und funktionellen Progresses der Alzheimer-Demenzde
dc.title.translatedMMSE-preprogression as a potential predictor of cognitive and functional progress of Alzheimer's diseasede
dc.contributor.refereeZerr, Inga Prof. Dr.
dc.description.abstractengFor many years studies tried to predict the progress of Alzheimer’s disease (AD), but until finishing this work no examination techniques have reached the clinical stage. The preprogression rate (PPR) was first mentioned by Doody in 2001. Only two more studies mentioned the PPR, one published by Doody in 2010 and another one by Rountree in 2012, with Doody as a coauthor. This work picks up the PPR and applies it to different cognitive and functional scales. The biggest difference between this work and the aforementioned studies is the non-adjustment for covariables, while Doody adjusted for covariables. This work postulates the distinctive connection between the PPR and the covariables. Thus the adjustment for covariables would diminish the effect of the PPR itself. PPR for different scales have been calculated: MMSE, iADL, bADL, GDS, UPDRS and a few selected CERAD-PLUS categories. 107 patients with AD were analyzed, 59 women and 48 men. Patients above 25 MMSE points were classified as AD according to the newest diagnostic criteria proposed by the IWG, which were used as inclusion criteria for the study. Due to multivariate analysis two different groups could be distinguished. Group 0 (MMSE: 0 – 20) progressed contrary to the calculated PPR and group 1 (MMSE: 21 – 30) progressed equivalent to the calculated PPR. PPR for the different scales (iADL, bADL, GDS, UPDRS and a few selected CERAD-PLUS) could not be determined properly and did not have any remarkable
dc.contributor.coRefereeKis, Bernhard PD Dr.
dc.subject.engpreprogression ratede
dc.subject.engAlzheimer's diseasede
dc.affiliation.instituteMedizinische Fakultätde
dc.subject.gokfullMedizin (PPN619874732)de
dc.subject.gokfullNeurologie - Allgemein- und Gesamtdarstellungen (PPN619876247)de

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