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Die Wirkung von Ecdyson und Vitamin D auf Knochen-, Muskel- und Fettgewebe bei der ovariektomierten Ratte, bestimmt mittels quantitativer Computertomographie

dc.contributor.advisorSeidlová-Wuttke, Dana PD Dr.
dc.contributor.authorGöke, Maria Katharina Annette
dc.titleDie Wirkung von Ecdyson und Vitamin D auf Knochen-, Muskel- und Fettgewebe bei der ovariektomierten Ratte, bestimmt mittels quantitativer Computertomographiede
dc.title.translatedEffects of Ecdysone and vitamin D on bone, muscle and fat tissue of the ovariectomized rat - determined by quantitative computertomographyde
dc.contributor.refereeSeidlová-Wuttke, Dana Pd Dr.
dc.description.abstractengEcdysone (Ecd) demonstrated muscle anabolic, antiosteoporotic and antilipotropic properties in ovariectomized (ovx) rats in multiple trails. But its mechanism af action in mammalia has not been understood until yet. Because of structural similarities, similar effects especially on bone and affinity to the RXR we came to the hypothesis that effects of Ecd might be depending on Vitamin D (VD) or the Vitamin D receptor (VDR). Thats why we performed a trail on 67 SD rats at the age of 3 months. The animals underwent qCT scan, determined weight and 60 of them got ovx afterwards. Afterwards there where 7 groups depending on with pallet food they received: control VD+; control VD-, Ecd VD+, Ecd VD-, Estradiol (E2) + VD; E2 VD-, and 7 not-ovx animals who got control VD+. In order to provide food with either normal VD content or nearly no VD there have been significant chances in foods recipe. Source of proteine needed to be changed to kasein. That is why food had 3 times as much carbohydrate as the food that has been used in our trails before. After 3 moths of checking weight and food intake weekly, rats underwent a final second qCT scan. The results where a massive gain of weight in all groups. Furthermore Ecd exerted beneficial effects on fat tissue in both groups. Only the group Ecd VD- demonstrated muscle anabolic properties. But there has been no antiosteoporotic effects by Ecd with or without VD. In The end metabolic changes seem to be the only explanation in this context. Apart from that there cannot be derived a consistent dependency between VD and
dc.contributor.coRefereeSiggelkow, Heide Prof. Dr.
dc.subject.engVitamin Dde
dc.affiliation.instituteMedizinische Fakultätde
dc.subject.gokfullNachschlagewerke {Medizin} (PPN620300566)de

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