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    • Electrical Control of Droplet formation in Microfluidic Devices 

      Tan, Say Hwa (2014-09-23)
      This thesis presents both experimental investigations and demonstration on the use of an AC voltage induced electric field to actively control the size or frequencies of droplet generated in a microfluidic flow focusing ...
    • Forces in Cellular Growth and Division 

      Hartung, Jörn (2016-02-05)
      Under confinement cell populations exert growth forces onto their surroundings. Confined cell populations can be found plentiful in nature, e.g. tumors embedded in healthy tissues, microbial populations in stone cavities ...
    • Network Dynamics as an Inverse Problem 

      Casadiego Bastidas, Jose Luis (2016-12-16)
      In this thesis, we take a general view on the study of networks from inverse perspectives. By proposing a general representation for the dynamics of networks in terms of explicit dependencies among units, we develop new ...