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    • Analysis of Protein Transport to the Inner Nuclear Membrane 

      Blenski, Marina (2019-07-10)
      The eukaryotic cell is divided into different compartments. The biggest compartment is the nucleus which is formed by one lipid bilayer folded into two membranes: the outer nuclear membrane (ONM) and the inner nuclear ...
    • Identification and Characterization of Importin 13 Substrates 

      Baade, Imke (2018-05-09)
      Nuclear pore complexes embedded in the nuclear envelope regulate the bidirectional transport of macromolecules between the nucleus and the cytoplasm. Small molecules can rapidly move through the permeability barrier of the ...
    • Nuclear transport of the nitric oxide synthase interacting protein (NOSIP) 

      Pörschke, Marius Philip (2023-05-23)
      Proteins that need to actively enter the nucleus are thought to be transported by a specific nuclear transport receptor (NTR), depending on the type of the nuclear localization signal (NLS). Some cargoes are reported to ...