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Tripartite Information and Scrambling in Quantum Many-Body Systems

dc.contributor.advisorKehrein, Stefan Prof. Dr.
dc.contributor.authorBölter, Niklas
dc.format.extentXXX Seitende
dc.titleTripartite Information and Scrambling in Quantum Many-Body Systemsde
dc.contributor.refereeKehrein, Stefan Prof. Dr.
dc.subject.gokPhysik (PPN621336750)de
dc.description.abstractengThis thesis contributes to the study of quantum chaos and thermalization of closed quantum systems by applying tools from quantum information theory. We study scrambling – the delocalization of quantum information – in one-dimensional quantum many-body systems using the observable-independent tripartite information 𝐼3. We consider closed quantum systems that undergo unitary time evolution governed by a Hamiltonian, and compare them to the strong scrambling caused by random unitary operators (Haar scrambling). The tripartite information is a tool from quantum information theory that allows us to quantify correlations in space and time by considering the unitary operator evolving the system as a state |𝑈 (𝑡)⟩ in a doubled Hilbert space H ⊗ H. We found a ballistic spreading of information in translation invariant systems of spinless fermions that causes Haar scrambling in interacting models. For strongly disordered versions of the XXZ chain and the transverse-field Ising chain we found a complete breakdown of in- formation transport in non-interacting Anderson localized systems, as well as a logarithmically slow spreading of the information signal in systems that are said to be many-body localized (MBL).de
dc.contributor.coRefereeManmana, Salvatore R. PD Dr.
dc.subject.engQuantum Chaosde
dc.subject.engMany-body quantum systemsde
dc.subject.engInformation Theoryde
dc.subject.engQuantum Information Theoryde
dc.affiliation.instituteFakultät für Physikde
dc.notes.confirmationsentConfirmation sent 2023-05-11T14:15:01de

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