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    • Asymmetric Public-Good Games - Experiments on Contribution Norms Encouraging Cooperation 

      Schmidt, Martin (2016-09-20)
      This dissertation extends the understanding of asymmetric group behavior in the provision of public goods. Previous studies, using an asymmetric framework, have so far focused on situations where all players profit form ...
    • Four Essays in Experimental Economics 

      Markstädter, Andreas (2015-03-03)
      The first essay “Informational Asymmetries in Laboratory Asset Markets with State-Dependent Fundamentals” investigates the formation of market prices in a new experimental setting involving multi-period call-auction asset ...
    • How to Foster Prosocial Behavior? 

      Späth, Maximilian (2021-04-23)
      The starting point of this dissertation is the idea that it is in the interest of society to foster prosocial behavior. Far more debatable is which strategies are suitable to promote prosocial behavior. In this thesis, I ...
    • Three Contributions to Experimental Economics 

      Schnitzler, Cornelius Albrecht (2013-11-22)
      This dissertation provides basic economic research in behavioral economics. The leitmotif of all three essays is to study the decision making of individuals applying the method of experimental economics. Each of the presented ...