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    • Political Economy in a globalized world 

      Gehring, Kai (2015-06-12)
      This cumulative dissertation contains three papers. I. Geopolitics, Aid and Growth. We investigate the effects of short-term political motivations on the effectiveness of foreign aid. Specifically, we test whether the ...
    • The Political Economy of Electoral Reforms 

      Lopes da Fonseca, Mariana (2016-07-27)
      This dissertation contributes to the emerging literature on endogenous political institutions and the causal relationship between institutions and the political and economic environment. For the purpose, all chapters rely ...
    • Three Essays on Job Loss Fears and Offshoring 

      Riedl, Maximilian (2014-02-11)
      The three essays of this dissertation look at the effect of offshoring on individual perceived fear of job loss and the role of job loss fears during wage negotiations. The first essay compares different estimation strategies ...