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    • Functional study of potential sHSPs in Arabidopsis and tomato under environmental stress. 

      Escobar, Mariela Raquel (2019-05-10)
      Small heat shock proteins (sHSPs) respond to many environmental stresses, stabilizing early unfolding protein intermediates and avoiding their irreversible aggregation. In plants, organellar sHSPs are a unique cellular ...
    • Metabolic fate of jasmonates 

      Haroth, Sven (2019-01-21)
      Jasmonoyl-isoleucine (JA-Ile) is a phytohormone that orchestrates responses to wounding, feeding insects or necrotrophic pathogens in plants. JA-Ile-metabolism has been studied intensively (Wasternack, 2015) and most of ...