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    • Aspects of Temporal Cognition in Children's Development: 

      Lohse, Karoline (2014-02-10)
      The dissertation focuses on three aspects of children’s temporal cognition: (1) Children’s capacity to reason about temporal and causal relations between past, present and future events was investigated. In two experiments, ...
    • Children’s Subjective Understanding of Conative Mental States 

      Schünemann, Britta Dorothea (2021-06-25)
      In our everyday lives, one substantial factor is to make sense of other agents’ actions. We describe and explain these actions by referring to the agents’ cognitive states, such as knowledge and beliefs, and their conative ...
    • Selective social belief revision in preschoolers 

      Miosga, Nadja (2020-02-25)
      Recent research has shown that from the early beginning of development, children selectively form new beliefs by monitoring the competence and reliability of social sources of information (e.g., Harris, 2012). Successful ...
    • The evolutionary roots of intuitive statistics 

      Eckert, Johanna (2018-12-04)
      Intuitive statistical reasoning is the capacity to draw intuitive probabilistic inferences based on an understanding of the relations between populations, sampling processes and resulting samples. This capacity is fundamental ...
    • Theory of Mind: Four-year-revolution revisited 

      Oktay-Gür, Nese (2017-06-20)
      The standard picture of Theory of Mind development is this: Children begin to explicitly ascribe beliefs and other propositional attitudes to themselves and others around age four. Therefore, this has been considered as ...