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    • Attention shift and remapping across saccades 

      Yao, Tao (2017-03-15)
      Humans and monkeys make two to three saccades per second on average when they are awake, and they are able to keep track of relevant visual stimuli while making saccadic eye-movements to scan a visual scene. Since the ...
    • Encoding, coordination, and decision making in the primate fronto-parietal grasping network 

      Dann, Benjamin (2017-09-22)
       The processes taking place in our brain allow us to flexibly interact with our surrounding based on our internal demands. This requires perceptual information processing up to the generation of movements taking place in ...
    • Optogenetic Manipulation of the Auditory System 

      Bali, Burak (2021-12-14)
      There are millions of people who are affected from sensorineural hearing loss. In this type of deafness, sensory hair cells are typically dysfunctional or lost, and thereby not conveying sound information to brain. The ...