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    • Macromolecules in Motion by High-resolution Cryo-EM 

      Petrychenko, Valentyn (2024-05-06)
      Protein synthesis, the translation of the genetic code into a defined sequence of amino acids, is a central, highly dynamic and regulated step in gene expression. The well-defined bacterial translation system enables to ...
    • Structure and function of the membrane protein Opa60 by solid-state NMR 

      Forster, Marcel Christian (2021-10-18)
      Studying the structure of transmembrane (TM) proteins is an important task since many of them are drug targets and are involved in essential cellular functions. However, new techniques are urgently needed, as TM proteins ...
    • Molecular Dynamics Studies of the Phi29 Connector-DNA complex 

      Kumar, Rajendra (2015-04-10)
      During replication of the Phi29 bacteriophage, a DNA packaging motor packages the viral DNA into the procapsid against a maximum pressure difference of ~60 atm, which is generated by the already packed DNA. Several models ...