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    • Biochemical characterization of human shieldin complex 

      Susvirkar, Vivek (2022-08-01)
      Shieldin is a newly identified DNA repair effector involved in repair of double strand breaks (DSBs) in G1 phase of cell cycle. Shieldin is a four-component complex consisting of proteins SHLD1, SHLD2, SHLD3 and HORMA REV7. ...
    • Cotranslational folding of HemK C-terminal domain 

      Daberger, Jan (2023-03-17)
      The correct folding of proteins is essential for the survival of the cell. Despite the importance of the question, it remains largely unclear how proteins, in particular large multidomain proteins with mixed α-helical and ...
    • HORMA domain proteins in Autophagy initiation 

      Lugarini, Francesca (2022-08-01)
      The autophagic pathway is an evolutionarily conserved strategy among eukaryotic cells for maintaining cell homeostasis at the basal level and during stressful conditions. It removes protein aggregates, damaged organelles, ...