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    • Philopatrie versus Emigration 

      Thieß, Ariane (2004-11-29)
      During a two and a half year study, the mechanisms leading to dispersal and expulsions of non-reproductive offspring within large semi-free living families of common marmosets (Callithrix ...
    • Phylogenetische Untersuchungen an Schädeln der Neuweltaffen (Platyrrhini) 

      Wiesemüller, Bernhard (2005-10-14)
      In the present study, the statistical procedure of Q-factor analysis with a Varimax rotation (see e.g. BORTZ, 1993) was applied to detect complex characters from skull measurements of New ...
    • Spurenelementuntersuchungen an bodengelagertem Skelettmaterial 

      Fabig, Alexander (2002-05-22)
      Analysis of trace elements in human bone have been established for the reconstruction of paleodietary patterns of historic populations. A prerequisite for the interpretation of trace elements ...