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    • Beyond the Blemishes 

      Herzberg, Ronja (2023-11-09)
      A significant amount of food produced worldwide is lost and wasted along the supply chain. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) estimates that approximately 13 % of food is lost between harvest ...
    • Long-term challenges in cereal and oilseed markets – case studies analyzed with model systems 

      Laquai, Verena (2023-02-10)
      Cereals and oilseeds are important agricultural crops which are globally produced, traded and consumed. They are the most important crops in terms of area used and output quantity in the agricultural crop sector. Therefore, ...
    • Quantitative Analyses on the Effects of the EU Sugar Market Policy 

      Haß, Marlen (2023-05-23)
      The sugar market has long been excluded from the systematic reform process of the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy started with the MacSharry reform in 1992. While the markets of most other agricultural products were ...