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    • Die Kausia 

      Janssen, Eric (2008-01-08)
      Worn outdoors by kings, soldiers and civilians (especially ephebs) the causia is the traditional cap of the ancient Macedonians and spreading itself in the hellenistic world since the end ...
    • Arbeitsorganisation, Produktionsverfahren und Werktechnik - 

      Dohrmann, Karin Margot (2005-05-25)
      Joseph-Étienne Gautier and Gustave Jéquier discovered a cachette of ten seated statues of esostri I (CG 411- CG 420 at Lisht o ecember 21st 1894 find was not subjec historical examination ...
    • Die Demographie des Alten Ägypten 

      Kraus, Jürgen (2004-07-09)
      This study examines various aspects of ancient Egyptian demography. The study begins with the well-known figures given by the Greek historians Diodor and Flavius Josephus, who claim a total ...