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    • Der Siedlungs- und Bestattungsplatz Nortmoorer Hammrich 

      Rosenplänter, Petra (2019-02-27)
      This study investigates the settlement history of Northwestern Lower Saxony. In the distant past, the Lower Ems Valley with its river marshes and adjacent coastal moorlands (Geest) was a densely populated area. The time ...
    • Die Kausia 

      Janssen, Eric (2008-01-08)
      Worn outdoors by kings, soldiers and civilians (especially ephebs) the causia is the traditional cap of the ancient Macedonians and spreading itself in the hellenistic world since the end ...
    • Karl Arnold (1883-1953). Eine Studie zur Biographie und zum Frühwerk des Künstlers. 

      Matuszak, Thomas (2001-01-29)
      The thesis on the graphic artist Karl Arnold (1883-1953) is divided into three parts. The first part is a biography on his life and work, based on a thorough investigation of archive material ...