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    • "Aquí me río de las modas" 

      Pron, Patricio (2007-09-19)
      The purpose of this work is to study the narrative works of the Argentine author Copi (1939-1987), mostly written in French, from a narratological point of view. On it it i possible t etect procedures of the so ...
    • Englischsprachige Literatur im World Wide Web 

      Schröder, Angela Ella (2004-08-09)
      This study explores original English Language literature published on the World Wide Web in order to examine the particular characteristics of this new genre and to find an appropriate terminology for its description. When ...
    • Repräsentationen von Geschichte in südchilenischer Lyrik nach 1973 

      Karl, Annette (2001-10-02)
      This thesis explores the view of history found in modern Chilean poetry by examining selected works of five Chilean poets. Based on the assumption that since the military overthrow of 1973 ...