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    • Language Change and (Ir)regularization 

      Al-Hussein, Basima (2018-04-24)
      For the last two decades, three main approaches have dealt with the nature of regular versus irregular aspects of language processing in human mind. According to connectionism, all inflected forms are processed in the ...
    • Negative coordination 

      Gajić, Jovana (2022-02-10)
      Some languages make use of special forms for coordination markers in negative environments, known as negative coordination (‘Nina will neither sing nor dance’). This dissertation explores negative coordination in English ...
    • The features of binding and person licensing 

      Raynaud, Louise (2022-07-20)
      This thesis is concerned with the features that underlie the syntax of reflexive binding and person licensing, addressing two competing analyses within Agree-based frameworks, namely φ-feature-based and referential-feature-based ...