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Recent Submissions

  • Novela chilena, mercado editorial transnacional y configuración del capital cultural en el campo literario del siglo XXI 

    Vega Neira, Ricardo (2023-07-28)
    The following doctoral thesis addresses the relationship between the transnational publishing market in Spanish and the development of a national literature, in this case focusing on the Chilean novel narrative of the late ...
  • Freedom and Desire: From Mute to #Me Too. An Aftermath of Nabokov’s Lolita in the 21 st Century. 

    Berg, Genia (2023-07-13)
    Nabokov’s novel Lolita was published in the middle of the 20th century, almost 70 years ago. In this work, I would like to trace how its critical perception has changed due to the #MeToo phenomenon of the 21st ...
  • Grenzfälle der Fiktionalität 

    Pahlke, Alexander Florian (2023-02-23)
    We repeatedly encounter fictional texts both within and outside literary studies. However, such texts often do not seem to be purely fictional, but contain borrowings from reality or even (supposedly) non-fictional elements. ...
  • Schöpfungsgeschichte und Sintflut in vorbiblischen Quellen, Bibel und Koran: Eine vergleichende Lektüre 

    Hajbakri, Abdulghani (2022-09-14)
    Creation story and Flood narrative in different cultures
  • The impact of verb type on word order in German Sign Language 

    Proske, Sina (2022-08-11)
    Word order is one of the best studied and most discussed issues in spoken and sign language linguistics. Therefore, it is stunning that there is yet no broader empirical investigation of word order phenomena in German Sign ...
  • Die Poetologie des Zweifels 

    Schlichting, Julia Kanchana (2022-08-01)
    Research on Günter Grass has so far focused mainly on his early works and the Danzig Trilogy. Much less attention has been directed at his late works and their unifying aspects. Yet Grass himself designated three of his ...
  • The features of binding and person licensing 

    Raynaud, Louise (2022-07-20)
    This thesis is concerned with the features that underlie the syntax of reflexive binding and person licensing, addressing two competing analyses within Agree-based frameworks, namely φ-feature-based and referential-feature-based ...
  • Subjektkonstitution als spezifisches Merkmal des deutschen bürgerlichen Trauerspiels 

    Fehr, Milena (2022-07-19)
    The thesis deals with the genre of the German domestic tragedy. It is based on a scale of figur development from the literarily defined type via the individual to the self-reflective subject. These categories are closely ...
  • Deutsch als Fremdsprache an chinesischen Schulen 

    Bao, Qiaoqiao (2022-04-05)
    The history of German language teaching in China can be traced back to about 150 years ago. However, an increase in the teaching of German in middle schools has just been observed since the beginning of the 21st century. ...
  • Die Veränderung des Lern-Selbstkonzeptes in Bezug auf den Spracherwerb unter dem Einfluss von Improvisationsübungen und -spielen (IÜuS) im DaZ-Unterricht für Erwachsene 

    Pashang, Soheyla (2022-03-14)
    This dissertation is an empirical bilingual investigation of the effectiveness of improvisation exercises and games (IÜuS) as a teaching method for German as a second language with adult learners. It deals with the question ...
  • Shenoute, Besa and the Bible 

    Miyagawa, So (2022-02-28)
    This study sees itself as part of the larger field of intertextuality studies and examines, using the latest digital text reuse technology, the reuse of biblical texts in the writings of two Late Antique Christian authors ...
  • Literatur live 

    Ditschke, Stephan (2022-02-24)
    The number of literature events increased sharply during the 1990s and early 2000s. New formats, including poetry slams and author collective performances [Lesebühnen], became prominent, alongside classic author readings. ...
  • Negative coordination 

    Gajić, Jovana (2022-02-10)
    Some languages make use of special forms for coordination markers in negative environments, known as negative coordination (‘Nina will neither sing nor dance’). This dissertation explores negative coordination in English ...
  • Phantasma Indien 

    Otte, Merle (2022-01-04)
    Around 1800, the newly discovered ancient Indian culture attracted a great deal of attention, especially in German-speaking countries, and led to various reactions. But contemporary India also continued to be of interest. ...
  • Zur Herkunft von ostseefinnisch õ 

    Mattsson, Katja (2021-11-11)
    Based on the vowel inventory in the first syllable, the Balto-finnic languages can be divided into two groups: the southern (North and South Estonian, Votic and Livonian) with the back vowel õ [ɤ] and the northern (Finnish, ...
  • Formen und Verfahren des Seriellen in der Kölnischen Zeitung (1850–1890) 

    Grumbrecht, Fabian (2021-08-30)
    This study focuses on the manifestations of popular seriality in the daily political newspaper Kölnische Zeitung in the light of the paper’s specific medial organizing principles. Arranged according to the decades from ...
  • Violencia y representación. 

    Serrano, Bruno (2021-07-12)
    The violent onset of the Chilean military dictatorship on September 11, 1973 brought the immediate deployment of state terrorism, censorship and simulation as the main devices to achieve discipline and clean the political ...
  • Does the medium matter? Digital vs. paper reading for leisure and foreign language learning 

    Sorrentino, Pasqualina (2021-06-15)
    In the last two decades more and more researches were dedicated to the impact of new technology on our everyday life, our learning processes, our reading activities. Digitization become an umbrella term to cover this change. ...
  • Processing referential expressions in German Sign Language 

    Wienholz, Anne (2021-05-17)
    In sign languages, physically absent discourse referents are assigned manually and/or nonmanually to referential locations on the horizontal plane of the signing space. These locations can be used to refer back to the ...
  • Latein als Medium sprachlichen Handelns in Ciceros Briefen an Terentia 

    Nickel, Silke (2020-12-02)

    On the basis of a pragmalinguistic or speech-act-theoretical approach, it is demonstrated, using CIC. fam. 14, how Latin worked practically as a medium of (written) linguistic action.

    For this purpose three ...

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