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    • Die Normativität sprachlicher Bedeutung 

      Kraft, Tim (2013-01-25)
      In this book I offer a novel defence of the thesis that linguistic meaning is normative.  In the first chapter I present the problem of semantic normativity and distinguish it from various related problems. In addition I ...
    • Thomas S. Kuhn: Verständnis und Mißverständnis - Zur Geschichte seiner Rezeption 

      Rose, Uwe (2004-09-14)
      This PhD is an investigation into the reception of Thomas S. Kuhn. It focuses on his central text "The Structure of Scientific Revolutions" (1962), working through the misconceptions and ...
    • Wissenschaftlicher Realismus 

      Tschepke, Frank (2006-12-13)
      This PhD is concerned with the debate on scientific realism in the philosophy of science. It considers the question which theses are constitutive for an intuitively plausible form of ...