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    • Die Bewahrung und Förderung der Biodiversität als theoretisch-praktische Herausforderung für den modernen Natur- und Umweltschutz 

      Lachnit, Silke (2019-05-24)
      The study explores the general principle of the conservation and advancement of biodiversity in combining fundamental research together with applied science. The specific core of the general principle is the integrative ...
    • Das Grammatikalitätsphänomen in Husserls Phänomenologie 

      Wu, Jiahao (2021-06-03)
      The present treatise attempts to develop and study the concept of grammatical phenomenon systematically in Husserl's phenomenology. This task is completed in three steps. In the first part of the treatise, based on Husserl's ...
    • Haben Tiere Rechte? 

      Huang, Wen-Yen (2014-02-18)
      In this dissertation the question is examined, if it is justified to ascribe rights to animals. The theory of animal rights of American philosopher Tom Regan ranks as one of the most important approaches of animal ethics. ...
    • Kollektive und Menschenrechte als moralische Rechte 

      Dávila, Johnny Antonio (2013-08-02)
      Both from a legal and a moral perspective, human rights are an essential component of the current normative reality. In the field of moral philosophy there is a marked tendency to consider that human beings as individuals ...