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    • Coarse Cohomology with twisted Coefficients 

      Hartmann, Elisa (2019-04-18)
      This thesis studies sheaf cohomology on coarse spaces.
    • Computation with finitely L-presented groups 

      Hartung, René (2012-06-20)
      We develop algorithms for certain infinitely presented groups, the so-called finitely L-presented groups. For this purpose, we generalize the well-known algorithms for finitely presented groups to finite L-presentations. ...
    • Discrete and Profinite Groups Acting on Regular Rooted Trees 

      Siegenthaler, Olivier (2010-01-14)
      We develop a new method to investigate groups acting on rooted trees. Considering the set of continuous functions from the automorphism group $\operatorname{Aut}X^*$ of a regular rooted tree to a finite field, we associate ...
    • Equations in Self-Similar Groups 

      Groth, Thorsten (2018-02-16)
      We introduce a method on how to decide solvebility of quadratic equations in self-similar groups and use this method to show that certain equations always have a solution. In particular the group of tree automorphisms and ...
    • Julia Set as a Martin Boundary 

      Islam, Md. Shariful (2010-11-18)
      The Julia set of the class of hyperbolic rational maps having a totally disconnected Julia set is here identified as the Martin boundary of a Markov chain by using symbolic dynamics. When ...
    • Lie Algebras and the Dimension Problem 

      Sicking, Thomas (2021-11-03)
      The dimension subgroup problem and the Ore conjecture are two group theoretical problems. In this thesis, translations of these problems to Lie algebras are analyzed and partially solved.