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    • The Quintic Gauss Sums 

      Fossi, Talom Leopold (2004-09-14)
      We investigate the possibility of generalization of the Cassel-McGettrick formula for the quintic Gauss sums. We construct a fundamental region for the fifth cyclotomic field. we describe ...
    • Twisted Kloosterman sums and cubic exponential sums 

      Louvel, Benoît (2009-12-15)
      In this thesis work, we study the problem of the distribution of cubic exponential sums. Using the theory of of automorphic forms, we are able to determine the asymptotic behavior of these ...
    • Untersuchungen zu kubischen metaplektischen Formen 

      Möhring, Leonhard (2004-11-30)
      The bijective correspondence between certain automorphic forms of a Bianchigroup on the threedimensional upper half space with trivial character and such of a metaplectic subgroup with a ...