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    • Diophantine Representation in Thin Sequences 

      Baur, Stefan (2016-08-24)
      In this work we investigate conditions under which forms of arbitrary degree represent almost all elements of thin sequences (especially the set of squares). Stronger results are given for forms of degree 3 and 4.
    • Individuelle Curricula von Lehrkräften in der Algebra 

      Meinke, Julia (2016-08-04)
      The framework of the Research Project Subjective Theories (RPST) is used to reconstruct secondary teachers’ belief systems on their classroom practices concerning algebra. It aims at describing the individual knowledge and ...
    • Poincaredualitätsalgebren, Koinvarianten und Wu-Klassen 

      Kuhnigk, Kathrin (2003-08-06)
      Certain algebras of coinvariants have the extra structure of a Poincare duality algebra. We describe and characterize some of these Poincare duality algebras via Macaulay inverses of the ...
    • The Quintic Gauss Sums 

      Fossi, Talom Leopold (2004-09-14)
      We investigate the possibility of generalization of the Cassel-McGettrick formula for the quintic Gauss sums. We construct a fundamental region for the fifth cyclotomic field. we describe ...