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    • A Wasserstein-like Distance on Vector Fields 

      Sommer, Vincent (2023-10-06)
      We introduce a new distance on the space of vector fields over a Riemannian manifold that is motivated by the construction and properties of the Wasserstein distance. The construction relies on a particular metric on the ...
    • High-order Unfitted Discretizations for Partial Differential Equations Coupled with Geometric Flow 

      Lou, Yimin (2023-02-17)
      We consider a moving free boundary problem where a diffusion equation posed on an evolving domain bounded by a smooth surface is coupled with a mean curvature flow of the bounding surface. The evolution velocity of the ...
    • Learned infinite elements for helioseismology 

      Preuß, Janosch (2021-12-16)
      This thesis presents efficient techniques for integrating the information contained in the Dirichlet-to-Neumann (DtN) map of time-harmonic waves propagating in a stratified medium into finite element discretizations. This ...
    • Solution approaches for facility layout problems 

      Dahlbeck, Mirko (2021-01-29)
      The chief executive officers of real-world factories aim to implement a cost efficient production. The layout of the operating equipment is one of the main influencing factors and this leads to facility layout problems. ...