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    • Friction under active control in systems with tailored degrees of freedom 

      Amiri, Saeed (2021-12-07)
      Tribology subjects are deeply related to each other. Understanding them and their effect on the energy conversion process needs awareness about the highly non-equilibrium process happening at the atomic level. Sliding ...
    • Pattern Formation in Membranes with Quenched Disorder 

      Sadeghi, Sina (2015-01-23)
      The lateral heterogeneity in the plasma membrane of eukaryotic cells is an important factor for regulating biological functions. As opposed to plasma membranes, model membranes (either artificially prepared membranes, or ...
    • Binary Mixtures and Fluids in the presence of Quenched Disorder 

      Fischer, Timo Daniel (2012-02-21)
      In the bulk, the critical point of a liquid-gas phase transition or a demxing transition of a binary mixture with short-ranged particle interactions belong to the universality class of the ...
    • Phase Behavior of Liquid Crystals in Confinement 

      Fish, Jonathan (2012-01-12)
      We use computer simulations to investigate the isotropic-to-nematic phase transition of liquid crystals. Using the Lebwohl-Lasher model with sophisticated algorithms, the phase transition ...