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    • Cell motility in microfluidic environments 

      Stellamanns, Eric (2012-02-17)
      Trypanosomes are single-celled bloodstream parasites and causative agents of African Sleeping Sickness in humans and Nagana disease in domestic livestock. The pathogen is transmitted by the ...
    • Unicellular Parasite Motility: A Quantitative Perspective 

      Uppaluri, Sravanti (2011-08-18)
      The question of how single cells swim is of primary medical importance - especially in the case of pathogenic parasites. Biochemical and cell biological studies have helped elucidate many ...
    • Tuning DNA Compaction 

      Dootz, Rolf (2008-08-13)
      DNA compaction is the collapse of long DNA chains into well-organized condensates of complex, hierarchical nanostructure induced by the presence of cationic agents. Although much progress ...
    • Actin Filaments and Bundles in Flow 

      Steinhauser, Dagmar Regine (2008-08-06)
      Actin, a protein and major component of the cytoskeleton, is organized in vivo into filaments, bundles, and networks which play an important role in mechanical stability and cellular motility. ...
    • Biological Matter in Microfluidic Environment - from Single Molecules to Self-Assembly 

      Köster, Sarah Friederike (2006-08-02)
      The interior as well as the exterior of cells is governed by networks composed of fibrous proteins. The mesh size of these networks is on the order of micrometers and therefore distinguishes ...