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    • Stable Bases for Kernel Based Methods 

      Pazouki, Maryam (2013-03-18)
      Kernels K arise in many contexts, including approximation, surface reconstruction, numerical analysis of fluid-structure interactions, and geostatistics. In particular, the span of translates K(.,x) for scattered ...
    • Komplexität und Stabilität von kernbasierten Rekonstruktionsmethoden 

      Müller, Stefan (2009-03-19)
      We are looking at functions $f : \mathbb{R}^d → \mathbb{R}$ and reconstruct them by $f (x) =\sum_{j=1}^N \alpha_j K(x,x_j)$, where $K$ is a positive definite, symmetric kernel, $x_j \in \mathbb{R}^d , \alpha_j \in \mathbb{R}$.In ...
    • Sampling Inequalities and Applications 

      Rieger, Christian (2009-02-10)
      Sampling inequalities quantify the observation that a differentiable function cannot attain large values anywhere if its derivatives are bounded, and if it produces small data on a sufficiently ...
    • Design and Test of Algorithms for the Evaluation of Modern Sensors in Close-Range Photogrammetry 

      Scheibe, Karsten (2008-01-21)
      The thesis describes a general approach for scanning and visualizing panoramic (360°) indoor scenes. It combines range data acquired by a laser rangefinder with color pictures captured by ...
    • Die Methode von Smolyak bei der multivariaten Interpolation 

      Schreiber, Anja (2001-05-31)
      Many classical interpolation methods obtain results of equal quality in any space dimension only if the amount of data grows exponentially. This problem can be cured by the method of Smolyak ...