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    • Aid, Politics, Culture, and Growth 

      Minasyan, Anna (2016-01-07)
      Political misalignment and greater ideological distance between donor and recipient governments may render foreign aid less effective by adding to transaction costs and eroding trust. In addition, development aid from the ...
    • Political Determinants of Foreign Aid and International Trade 

      Fuchs, Andreas (2012-09-27)
      This rise of emerging economies is visible in international development cooperation and international trade. Aid contributions from donor countries operating outside of the established group of the OECD’s Development ...
    • Political Economy in a globalized world 

      Gehring, Kai (2015-06-12)
      This cumulative dissertation contains three papers. I. Geopolitics, Aid and Growth. We investigate the effects of short-term political motivations on the effectiveness of foreign aid. Specifically, we test whether the ...
    • Promises and Perils of Globalization 

      Kaplan, Lennart (2019-02-11)
      Chapter 1 investigates the role of globalized flows of finance (development aid) and goods (trade). Both factors are of international character and relate to the global perspective. Thus, we choose macro lenses and combine ...
    • The Economics of Human Rights - Gender, Human Trafficking, and Policy 

      Cho, Seo Young (2011-07-25)
      This dissertation includes four papers prepared during my PhD study period (2008-2011), investigating a variety of topics on human rights through economic analyses. All the papers discuss ...