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Please note that only the German version of this contract is legally binding.

I hereby authorize the Georg-August-Universität Göttingen (hereinafter referred to as "University of Göttingen"), represented by the Niedersächsische Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek Göttingen (SUB), to publish my work in electronic form and to offer it for free use on the Internet under the terms and conditions of contract stated below.

1. Non-exclusive (basic) right to publish

The University of Göttingen is granted the non-exclusive (simple) right for free electronic publication on the internet and for archiving on its document server. All other rights for the exploitation of the work remain with the author. Registration does not imply any legally binding claim to the online provision of a document. Within the scope of public provision, users are entitled to download, save or print a small number of documents for private and other personal use (§ 53 UrhG). At the same time, the publisher permits the licensing of his/her work under a Creative Commons License International 4.0 The author himself/herself determines which license is applicable to her/his dissertation.

2. Third party rights

The publisher declares that the publication of the document and each of its components, e.g. in the case of cumulative dissertations, does not violate the rights of third parties. The person publishing indemnifies the University of Göttingen from any claims of third parties. The University of Göttingen is entitled to block access to a publication if there are tangible indications of a violation of third party rights. In such a case, the University of Göttingen will immediately inform the publisher of the blocking.

3. Long term archiving and transformation into other formats

The University of Göttingen is granted the right to have the document stored by the library in a long-term archive and, if necessary, to transform it into other electronic and physical formats (e.g. migration, accessibility, indexing).

4. Transfer to libraries with national collection mandate

Within the framework of the „Verordnung über die Pflichtablieferung von Medienwerken an die Deutsche Nationalbibliothek (PflAV)“, the University of Göttingen is permitted to make the electronic version of the dissertation available to the German National Library (DNB) via the SUB Göttingen. In addition, the SUB Göttingen is permitted to make the documents available to subject-specific libraries with a national collection mandate, such as the funding program of the German Research Association "Fachinformationsdienste für die Wissenschaft – FID" (formerly SSG) . These institutions are granted the same rights as the University of Göttingen.

5. Withdrawal of the declaration of consent

A withdrawal of this declaration of consent is only possible with reference to § 42 UrhG (work no longer corresponds to the conviction of the author).

The publisher assures that the delivered file(s) and the printed copies correspond to the print version approved by the respective faculty and that the responsible institution has approved the publication of the documents (revision certificate is available - not relevant for the medical faculty).

If the electronic version (PDF) of the qualification thesis submitted for publication contains a curriculum vitae, the person publishing the thesis agrees that this can also be viewed on the web with the thesis.

I accept these terms and conditions and would now like to proceed with the publication process of my thesis.

Doctoral candidates of Medicine

I have received the invitation to the oral examination. I hereby give my binding assurance that I will immediately notify the eDiss staff at the SUB Göttingen of any changes of date or correction requirements on the part of the examiners.

Yes, I have already taken my state examination.

No, I have not yet completed my state examination. I will inform the staff of eDiss at SUB Göttingen immediately as soon as I have taken and passed my state examination.