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Terms of Contract

Please note that only the German version of this contract is legally binding.

I herewith give permission to the University of Göttingen, represented by the Niedersächsische Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek Göttingen (SUB Göttingen), to publish my work electronically according to the terms of contract mentioned below and to provide its open access on the Internet.

1. Non-exclusive (basic) right to publish

The University of Göttingen is granted the basic right to publish the thesis electronically on the Internet and to archive on its document server. In line with these basic utilization rights the SUB Göttingen is permitted to offer its users a cost-covering Print-on-Demand opportunity provided that no third-party rights are infringed. Further rights concerning the exploitation of the work remain with the author. The registration does not imply any legally binding claim to an electronic publication. Within these limits, users are allowed to download, to save or to print a small number of the online document for private or non commercial use only (§53 UrhG1). The author herewith gives permission to license his work under the conditions of the Creative Commons Licence 4.0 which allows the user to copy, distribute and transmit the work as long as it is attributed in the manner specified by him.

2. Third party rights

The author declares that by the publication of his resource and its components (for instance in case of cumulative emerging dissertation scripts) no rights of third parties are violated. The publisher dismisses the University of Göttingen from possible claims of third parties. The University of Göttingen is permitted to bar access to a publication if there is evidence that rights of third parties have been violated. In that case the University of Göttingen will contact the publisher immediately and inform him about the blocking of the access.

3. Long term archiving and transformation into other formats

The University of Göttingen is entitled to store the resource and its components in a long term archive and to convert it into other electronic and physical formats and to use them according to article 1 if necessary.

4. Transfer to libraries with national collection mandate

The University of Göttingen is permitted to make electronic versions available to the Deutsche Nationalbibliothek (DNB) via the SUB under the terms of the German Nationalbibliothek law which requires such submissions. Over and beyond this, the SUB is permitted to make documents available to the libraries operating under a national collection mandate such as the Specialised Information Services of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft. These institutions will be granted the same rights to the documents as the University of Göttingen.

5. Withdrawal of the declaration of consent

A withdrawal of this declaration of consent is only possible with appeal to §42 UrhG (the work does not any longer comply with the author´s conviction).

If the resource is a dissertation, state doctorate, master´s thesis, bachelor´s thesis or any other kind of qualification work at the University of Göttingen, the author confirms that the supplied data and printed versions are in accordance with the original form of the publication which has been approved by the department and that the appropriate institution has consented to the publication of the work.

If a curriculum vitae is included in the electronic version (PDF) the author consents that it will be free to access.

Doctoral candidates of medicine

I have received an invitation to my oral exam. I agree to give notice immediately to the staff of eDiss at the SUB in case of a change of date or if I am required to submit changes to my written doctoral thesis.

If I have not yet completed my State exam, I agree to promptly inform eDiss staff, as soon as I have taken and passed the exam.