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May any PhD student publish his/her thesis on eDiss?

Any PhD student who has completed his dissertation at the Georg-August-Universitaet Goettingen is allowed to publish his thesis on the dissertation server of the University of Goettingen. The PhD regulations of the faculties provide the information whether the candidate has to be enrolled at the University. The eDiss service is not available for students from other universities.

What are the requirements for the printed copies of my dissertation?

Please hand in two printed copies of the electronic version of your dissertation at the SUB.
The copies should be printed twin-sided on DIN A4 format paper. The printed copies have to be submitted as durable paperback binding. Pieces of metal, spiral binding and plastic covers are not acceptable.
The SUB does not postulate any formal requirements. Please check with your PhD regulations if the faculty lists any special requirements.

The content of the printed version has to be absolutely identical with the electronic version of your dissertation. Your PhD regulations offer the information if and where your CV has to be included.

May I publish my dissertation elsewhere after it has been published on eDiss?

Yes, you may place your publication on multiple websites (e.g. your personal homepage). We recommend linking to your document with the persistent identifier your document is assigned by eDiss.

Our terms of contract require only simple and non-exclusive usage rights. You may grant other usage rights to other persons and legal entities, but you please inform a future publisher that your work is already available via open access on eDiss.

Is it possible to apply for an embargo / a blocking note in case of secondary publication or patent application?

In order to allow doctoral candidates to complete the doctoral process, more and more faculties are moving towards accepting the cumulative dissertation as published if it is available on the SUB's eDiss server as a restricted publication. This approach of delayed visibility is also common for dissertations that are related to a patent application. In any case, it is the doctoral candidates' responsibility to apply for delayed visibility of their dissertation according to their respective doctoral regulations. Information on this can be obtained from the examination office/dissertation office responsible for you.

Please upload a file (PDF, jpg, etc.) of the approved application with the file name "Embargo" in addition to the PDF of your dissertation.

Alternatively, you may include a copy of the approved proposal when sending print copies of the dissertation to SUB. SUB agrees not to make the documents (PDF and two print copies) publicly available before the embargo period expires.

How do I receive the confirmation form about the publication of my dissertation?

You will receive the confirmation of publication only when the publication procedure of your dissertation has been completed. If you send us the printed copies of your thesis by mail or deposit them in the mailbox of the SUB (at the staff entrance), we will forward the confirmation directly to the responsible examination office. If you have handed in the printed copies at the reception desk on the ground floor of the SUB Central Library, you will have received a "provisional confirmation". The final confirmation will be forwarded directly to the responsible examination office after it has been incorporated into eDiss. You will need the confirmation together with your revision certificate (not for doctoral students of the Faculty of Medicine) in order to receive your PhD certificate from your examination office/dean's office and to be allowed to use the title.

What are the benefits of the electronic publishing on eDiss?

  • Publishing your doctoral thesis in an electronic format on eDiss is free of charge.
  • Your dissertation is worldwide accessible without any limitations and can be searched for with only a few key words, since our eDiss-Server is being indexed / harvested on a regular basis by large search engines and also special search engines like BASE.
  • We guarantee the integrity of your document. Every dissertation or thesis will be encrypted to ensure that we can verify the authenticity of the work.
  • Your Dissertation is given a persistent identifier (a so-called "handle"), so that it can be permanently addressed and cited.
  • We include your publication in our electronic access systems i.e. in the Homepage of the SUB and the University Catalogue (GUK). Therefore your dissertation will be more visible and located faster.
  • We register your dissertation with the Deutsche Nationalbibliothek (DNB). The DNB will take responsibility for permanently archiving your work.

Is it possible to make changes to my dissertation after it has been published?

No. To ensure authenticity, citations and permanent availability, you cannot change your publication after it has been made available online on eDiss.

If a correction of the metadata is necessary please contact our editors. Only they are authorized to make changes to the dissertation information.
If content errors are noticed only after the publication in the PDF, for which a correction is mandatory (there is danger to life or environment), please contact our editors. Then a republication (version) of your dissertation is required, which must also be approved by your examination office.
The withdrawal of an already published document is only possible if there are license or patent law problems or if the author's opinion on his topic has fundamentally changed (§42 UrhG). The withdrawal is documented in the system. In addition, an information page with the note "This document has been retracted" is created and displayed via the permanent URL.
In case of insignificant errors (spelling mistakes, changes in formatting, omissions, etc.) you are free to upload a corrected version of your dissertation to an appropriate (subject) repository. You are then welcome to provide us with the link, which we will include in your metadata.

Is it possible to track the status of processing of my thesis?

Yes it is. As soon as you have finished the publication process of your thesis you can trace the status of processing by using the button "publications" (main menu on the left) and then clicking on the button "status" in the right column next to the title of your. publication.

Which is the best way to name my PDF-file?

The file name of your PDF file should be as short and concise as possible. We recommend using a combination of your surname and a keyword from the title of the thesis. Please do not use any special characters, spaces or similar.

How is an abstract (=Kurzreferat) defined?

An abstract (Kurzreferat) provides a clear and concise summary of the document. The abstract should be informative, free of interpretation and evaluation and comprehensible without access to the original. The title should not be duplicated, rather, if necessary, amended or explained. Not all parts of the document need be represented. Instead, those parts should be selected which are of particular relevance (cf. Grundlagen der praktischen Information und Dokumentation / Marianne Buder [Hrsg.], Münschen : Saur, 1997).

In some academic disciplines it may be helpful to describe the OBJECTIVES, METHODS, RESULTS and CONCLUSION of the project in sequence.

eDiss requires that you provide at least one abstract in English when you describe your publication. If your work is written in German, it would be preferable to also provide an abstract in German.

Using a Mac, how can I arrange the hyperlinked table of contents to be accepted during the upload process?

Please refer to the detailed instructions here!

How many examiners/readers must I list when I publish my dissertation?

The fields marked "Betreuer" (this is your dissertation chair or Doktorvater), "Gutachter" (first reader) and "Zweitgutachter" (second reader) are obligatory. Additional fields are available under "weitere Gutachter" (additional readers) which can be added by clicking the "+" symbol. However, these fields do not need to be used if not further readers were assigned to your dissertation.

How do I create a list of keywords/GOK entries?

Keywords can be typed in. To save the keyword you have entered, please check the box on the right with the "+" symbol. For any additional keyword please proceed in the same way.
We would like to suggest you include your subject of research als keywords as well as your research method(s).

GOK entries can be selected from the GOK-category menu beneath the input field. The symbols "+" , "-" should be used to navigate within the category-menu. As soon as you click on one of the terms it will be added to your list. Since the category menu will close automatically after the selection you should repeat this step for as many entries as you wish to add.

Is there a download-counter for my electronic dissertation on eDiss (to report the numbers to the VG Wort)?

eDiss does not support VG Wort. However, if you are a German citizen, citizen of any other state of the European Union or Switzerland or if your permanent residence is located in one of these countries you may apply for a Pauschalvergütung at the VG Wort with your electronic dissertation. An alternative would be to place your electronic dissertation on any other website, e.g. your own homepage, and integrate a counter for VG Wort purposes. For further details please see the VG Wort pages.

How can I subscribe to new dissertation publications?

You can subscribe to "Bereiche/Sammlungen" (Categories/Collections) in order to receive a daily email with new releases. You may subscribe to as many different collections as you wish. It is essential to have an eDiss-account.

To set up a subscription, please
  1. login to eDiss,
  2. in the main menu select the menu item "Benutzerdaten" (User Data) in the lefthand column,
  3. then select the sub-menu "Abonnements" (Subscriptions) and in a drop-down menu pick out the collection(s) to which you wish to subscribe.
  4. To save your selection, please check the box on the right with the "+" symbol.
  5. For further subscriptions, please repeat the last two steps.
  6. Save any changes to your "user data" using the button Benutzerdaten aktualisieren (update).
To cancel a subscription
  1. login to eDiss,
  2. in the main menu select the menu item "Profile" in the lefthand column.
  3. In the sub-menu "Abonnements" (subscriptions) you will see your existing subscriptions.
  4. Check on the box of the relevant collection(s) on the right
  5. and then click on the box below marked "Remove Selected".
  6. Save any changes to your "Profile" using the button Update Profile (update).
RSS feeds offer an alternative to email notifications of new publications. You do not need to register to make use of an RSS feed.
  1. Navigate to the collection to which you wish to subscribe.
  2. On the right, next to the title "Recent Submissions" you will see the RSS logo (the symbol will not appear if no title is listed in the collection). Click on this symbol to subscribe to the RSS feed.
  3. Add the URL of the upcoming page to your feedreader.

May I use TeX/LaTeX commands for the description of my publication?

Yes, it is possible to use mathematical formula in TeX/LaTeX for your abstract within your "item submission" form. However, only those commands may be used which are valid in the TeX/LaTex math mode. They will only be recognized and displayed correctly if used with $...$ or /(.../). Please do not use LaTeX commands from text mode. Those will not be interpreted.
We would like to point out that our data from eDiss is used by other institutions (e.g. German National Library (DNB), Gemeinsamer Verbundkatalog (GVK), etc.). We have no influence on the presentation of our data on the respective websites.

Should I include the original of a used questionnaire in my PDF or upload it as a separate file?

This is certainly useful for documentation purposes. If the questionnaire is a form from a publishing house, it may well be the case that this is to be counted as copyright-protected material. You would have to clarify this fact first, because you can only put a questionnaire online in your eDiss with the consent of the respective publisher. If you include the questionnaire in your PDF or if you upload a separate file is quite up to you.

Can I keep my account with eDiss?

As soon as your complete electronic dissertation is publicly visible in the eDiss repository of the Georg-August-University of Göttingen, your account with the given e-mail address loses its function and can no longer be used. It is of course possible to create a new account at any time. We recommend to use a mail address for registration that is independent of your student account and will probably be valid for a longer period of time.

What is a DOI?

Starting with the new version of our eDiss repository (February 2022) each eDiss will be assigned a "Digital Object Identifier", DOI. For your eDiss, you will receive a DOI (digital object identifier), a unique identification number that is the permanent address for your electronic dissertation and is to be used as a citation tool in and for scientific publications.

More information about the DOI can be found here.

If you would like to insert the DOI reserved for your paper during the publication process into your PDF or print version before putting your eDiss online, you have the option to do so. To do so, please click on "Publish now" and first select your subject area and faculty. Then fill in the required metadata. In the next step you will be shown the DOI assigned to your work. Please copy the DOI, paste it in the desired places in your document, and then proceed with the publication process. If you do not need the DOI at this point, you can continue with the publication process by clicking "Continue".

Please note: the DOI reserved for you will not resolve until the DOI appears on your publication page as a citable link. If this has not happened within two days after the release of your entry page, please contact us by mail.

Linking your DOI with CrossRef will for one enable you to check if your data has been transferred correctly and secondly it offers you the option to have different citation styles available (CrossRef -> "Actions"/"Cite").

Why is the assignment of a CC-License (usage license) essential?

The "Creative Commons" licenses by now are standard in the scientific community for granting certain rights for online publications. With the help of CC licenses, each author can determine how readers may use the respective text (read, save, reproduce, etc.). Detailed information can be found on the pages of Creative Commons.

At eDiss, each publication is allocated a CC BYlicence, if you agree.

You can of course assign a different license. Please make your selection in the menu displayed in the publication process.

What are the two printed copies of my PhD thesis used for?

One print copy is prepared for the SUB's stacks and can be borrowed after release. The second copy will be processed (for the university) in the dissertation archive of the SUB Göttingen.

Do I have to hand in my "Revisionsschein" along with the two printed copies?

You do need a revision slip signed by your supervisor (doctoral students of the medical faculty do NOT need it), but not for handing in the print copies of your eDiss at the SUB. You will need the document for collecting your certificate at your examination office/doctoral office.

Do I have to fill in my matriculation number?

No. Your matriculation number is not relevant for uploading your eDiss or for submitting the two eDiss print copies.

When logging in to eDiss I get the error message "Page is not available". What can I do?

For safety reasons we disabled old transmission protocols on eDiss. Older versions of Internet Explorer do not enable the new protocols by default.
To fix the problem please make the following settings in your browser:
  1. Click "Tools", "Internet Options", "Advanced".
  2. Ensure that the protocols SSL 2.0, SSL 3.0 and TLS 1.2 are enabled in the security section.
  3. Click "Apply".
The better solution however would be to update your browser to the latest version!