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    • Dynamics of Social and Individual Preferences: Evidence from Madagascar 

      Uruena Moyano, Viviana Alexandra (2021-07-27)
      Every day individuals make different decisions that reflect their individual and social preferences. Until not long ago, individual preferences were at the center of the economic theory. Now, social preferences are also ...
    • The Role of Aspirations in Collective Action and Labor Markets 

      Martini, Christina Andrea (2021-03-11)
      A growing literature in economics seeks to explain why people remain poor. Classical theories explained the persistence of poverty with constraints that are external to an individual such as market imperfections and ...
    • Essays in Behavioral Labor Economics 

      Grosch, Kerstin (2017-11-22)
      The dissertation presents a collection of essays that deal with behavioral aspects on labor markets and focus especially on social interactions. Each Chapter from 2 to 5 represents one separate project/essay. In this general ...