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    • Decision Making in Fragile Settings 

      Orozco Garcia, Tatiana (2023-10-17)
      This dissertation presents three independent studies investigating decision-making in fragile settings. Researchers and policymakers have recognized fighting conflict and fragility as a key strategy in the fight against ...
    • Essays in Political Economy: Drivers of Polarization 

      Matzat, Johannes (2023-10-12)
      This thesis contributes to our understanding of the increasing polarization of societies. The first chapter focuses on immigration inflows as driver of polarization. As societies are faced with an increasing number of ...
    • Essays in Development Economics and Global Health 

      Heemann, Markus (2023-10-02)
      The chapters in this dissertation provide insights into different aspects of the SDG research agenda. The chapters also both incorporate publicly available secondary data sources as well as newly collected survey data. ...
    • The causes and consequences of violent conflict 

      Unfried, Kerstin (2021-04-19)
      This dissertation presents four independent papers that contribute to the understanding of the causes and consequences of violent conflicts. The first two papers identify causes of conflicts whereas the latter two elaborate ...