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    • Theoretic Essays in Public Economics 

      Quint, Ansgar Franziskus (2024-02-09)
      This dissertation combines four theoretic models in public economics. The first two chapters consider welfare and distributional effects within a general equilibrium trade model with oligopoly focusing on corporate taxation ...
    • Essays on International Trade, Trade Barriers, and Oligopolistic Competition 

      Rudsinske, Jonas Fabian (2022-06-14)
      Empirical evidence suggests both that market power increased considerably since 1980 (e.g. De Loecker et al., 2020) and that firms differ in destination-specific trade barriers (e.g. Munch and Nguyen, 2014). Motivated by ...
    • Firm dynamics and regional development in Indonesia 

      Genthner, Robert (2022-01-25)
      Like all economic actors, firms continuously need to adjust to changes of the environment they are operating in. Since firms do not only produce goods or provide services, but also act on the demand side of input factors ...