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    • Essays on Social Preferences in Children and Adolescents: Experimental Evidence from Colombia and India 

      Kromer, Oscar Daniel (2020-05-11)
      This dissertation presents three independent essays that elicit social preferences in school children by using a combination of experimental measures and survey data. Chapter 2 consider the development of motivations for ...
    • Four Essays in Experimental Economics 

      Markstädter, Andreas (2015-03-03)
      The first essay “Informational Asymmetries in Laboratory Asset Markets with State-Dependent Fundamentals” investigates the formation of market prices in a new experimental setting involving multi-period call-auction asset ...
    • How to Foster Prosocial Behavior? 

      Späth, Maximilian (2021-04-23)
      The starting point of this dissertation is the idea that it is in the interest of society to foster prosocial behavior. Far more debatable is which strategies are suitable to promote prosocial behavior. In this thesis, I ...
    • Path-dependent Risk Measures - Theory and Applications 

      Möller, Philipp Maximilian (2021-01-22)
      This dissertation addresses various key aspects in risk measurement with path-dependent risk measures. In contrast to most classical risk measures like value-at-risk, (semi-)variance, expected shortfall, or lower partial ...