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    • Die Möbel Philip Speakman Webbs oder Das Verhältnis von Kunst und Arbeit bei Morris & Co. 

      Sander, Benjamin (2020-10-27)
      The presented work is dedicated to the creation of the first systematic catalogue of the furniture work of Philip Speakman Webb (1834–1915). Webb was a close companion of William Morris (1834– 1896). With their interior ...
    • Michiel Coxcie 

      Tammen, Hanke E. (2020-05-13)
      In the 15th century, the southern Netherlands were a place of original art development. At the beginning of the 16th century, the focus shifted from the early Netherlandish tradition in favor of developments beyond the ...
    • Kelche der ausgehenden Romanik bis zur Spätgotik 

      Siebert, Kristine (2017-05-02)
      The design of medieval chalices is characterised by continuous change. The present study examines the formal design and figural decoration of middle-european chalices from 1200-1525. On the basis of 380 figural decorated ...