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    • Urheberrechtspolitik in Deutschland. 

      Lindow, Stefan (2021-09-23)
      Since the digitization and politicization of copyright law, an increased number of reforms could not be classified without contradictions. A broad, social-scientific debate about problems, consequences, and explanatory ...
    • Europäische Öffentlichkeit durch "policy-frames" 

      Szczerbak, Paweł (2017-06-16)
      Europe needs its public sphere not only for further integration, but also to avoid disintegration in the European Union. This matter is essential particularly in times of economic and refugee crisis, because in such times ...
    • Digital Health Affairs – Voraussetzungen für politischen Wandel im Gesundheitswesen 

      Beck, Stefanie (2017-02-06)
      Political science studies of the last few years show that the German and Austrian health care systems are rather reform-resistant. On the basis of the launch of electronic card systems in the German and Austrian health ...