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    • Biochemistry and physiological role of otoferlin 

      Reuter, Kirsten (2011-11-24)
      In humans deafness is caused by environmental but also by genetic factors. Mutations in the gene encoding otoferlin are one genetic cause of deafness, leading to DFNB9 an autosomal recessive ...
    • Molecular physiology of the inner hair cell ribbon synapses 

      Khimich, Darina Wasylivna (2005-08-05)
      During this work we investigated organization, molecular composition and function of hair cell ribbon synapses. We demonstrated RIBEYE, Bassoon and Piccolo to be components of IHC synaptic ...
    • Molecular Physiology of the Ribbon Synapse 

      Neef, Jakob (2010-07-16)
      Hearing relies on Ca2+ influx-triggered exocytosis in cochlear inner hair cells (IHCs). In this study, we examined the regulation of IHC Ca2+ channels by the CaV(beta)2 Ca2+ channel subunit ...