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    • Werte der Dichtung - Dichtung von Wert 

      Falkenhagen, Annabel (2015-06-01)
      This study is concerned with two poetics of the enlightenment, those of Johann Christoph Gottsched and of Johann Jacob Breitinger. Its aim is to trace the systems of criteria for the evaluation and production of literary ...
    • Unverdaute Trauer 

      Bourger, Désirée (2006-01-06)
      The study attends to the most important plays of the extensive works of the playwright and director George Tabori. The title Unverdaute Trauer (Undigested Mourning) quotes a programmatic ...
    • Thomas S. Kuhn: Verständnis und Mißverständnis - Zur Geschichte seiner Rezeption 

      Rose, Uwe (2004-09-14)
      This PhD is an investigation into the reception of Thomas S. Kuhn. It focuses on his central text "The Structure of Scientific Revolutions" (1962), working through the misconceptions and ...