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    • 'Das ist absolut wahr!' - Wahre Geschichte oder moderne Sage?- 

      Kaneshiro-Hauptmann, Akemi (2010-06-03)
      Contemporary legends are verbal stories which are told by close persons or modern communication devices and become fast widespread. They serve themselves as a communication tool and address central themes of today"s ...
    • Finnen in der Neuen Welt 1865-1914. 

      Sallinen, Susanna (2002-08-28)
      Finnish-Americans describe their life in America Letters before 1914. This research, a qualitative analysis of letter, deals with Finnish emigration to North America and Canada from a socio-historical point of view in the ...
    • Der Amateurfilm 

      Schenke, Eckhard (2002-04-02)