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    • A World through Words: Dengbêjî, Kilam, and Collective Memory 

      Darati, Sayid R (2023-11-17)
      This dissertation analyzes aspects of the dengbêjî tradition among Kurdish-Kurmanj communities in the context of collective memory. It argues that dengbêjî is a means of preserving a considerable number of narratives in ...
    • A grammar of Gawraǰū Gūrānī 

      Bailey, Denise (2018-10-01)
      This study is a detailed grammatical description of the Gūrānī language as used in the village of Gawraǰū, located near the town of Gahvāre in the province of Kermānšāh, Iran. Gūrānī is genetically classified as a North-West ...
    • Selected features of Bactrian Grammar 

      Gholami, Saloumeh (2012-09-10)
      No study has been specifically devoted to the Bactrian grammar. The present thesis is the first work on this topic. This study includes a limited set of topics which were relatively unknown or which could show the unique ...