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    • Literatur live 

      Ditschke, Stephan (2022-02-24)
      The number of literature events increased sharply during the 1990s and early 2000s. New formats, including poetry slams and author collective performances [Lesebühnen], became prominent, alongside classic author readings. ...
    • Formen und Verfahren des Seriellen in der Kölnischen Zeitung (1850–1890) 

      Grumbrecht, Fabian (2021-08-30)
      This study focuses on the manifestations of popular seriality in the daily political newspaper Kölnische Zeitung in the light of the paper’s specific medial organizing principles. Arranged according to the decades from ...
    • Serialität der Romanhefte 

      Lorenz, Björn (2020-08-07)
      German dime novels (in German: Romanhefte) are a rare opportunity for scholars of German literature, to study their serial narrative forms and variants. In the past the German research only focused on the didactically and ...
    • Die Wortkrieger des Web 2.0 

      Ingelmann, Julian (2019-12-19)
      In the age of digitalization, numerous actors take part in the literary field that previously only played a role as a “quiet consumer”. Many of them organize themselves in writing forums, where they publish their texts and ...
    • Von Bremen in die Anderswelt 

      Bobzin, Henning (2015-06-04)
      This study is the first monograph exclusively covering the oeuvre of the German contemporary author Alban Nikolai Herbst. It centres on his main works – a loose pentalogy starting with Die Verwirrung des Gemüts (1983), ...